Rick Latona 重新推出Latonas.com

2011年 6月 8日 阅读量: 420

        域名城(domain.cn)6月8日消息 Rick Latona近日宣布重新推出Latonas.com,网站过去专注于通用域名的交易,现在将服务于网络资产的流动。对于网络资产Rick Latona有自己的定义:它就好比居住在网络空间中的数字资产,诸如网站,域名,faceback粉丝页,Twitter帐户,YouTube频道等。

       只做域名经济人,经营单一使企业生存变得困难是这次调整的原因。 Rick Latona页面跳转后内容如下:

        "For months now I’ve been divesting from the pure generic domain business and defining in my organization the class of assets known as web properties. I believe that what matters in today’s day and age is cash flow. That is the simplest way to explain the new business model behind Latona’s. To fully understand where we are going with this, I’d like to expand on what I mean by cash flow and what exactly we consider a "web property".

        First, a little background on what got us here. The domain bubble burst in late 2008. Various sites and reports will show you that sales are still strong on the low end of the market, $x,xxx and $xx,xxx sized deals. Occasionally, we’ll even see some 6 and 7 digit deals hit the news. However, those are rare and far between. There certainly aren’t enough of them for a broker to make a decent business out of them. Maybe if you were independent and working out of your house and had no expenses you could make a living brokering domains but we are trying to do bigger things here.

       It is our opinion that the market won’t recover any time soon, if it recovers at all. We feel that domains just aren’t worth that much anymore and the only way to sell one for a significant amount is to get a little lucky. Many domainers take the "land mine" approach. Meaning, the more domains they have, the more likely someone will step on one of them. This is expensive and ties up a lot of capital. We here at Latona’s aren’t about to go back to building a huge portfolio and waiting patiently for buyers to come to us. It just isn’t our style.

       So based on that premise, we started to focus on only cash flow. What’s a cash flow asset? Well, in a perfect world it’s something that requires little or no maintenance and just generates revenue every month. Passive revenue to use a domainer term. In the world we now live in, investors have a lot of options where to put their hard earned capital. Real Estate, ETFs, Securities are all fine capital investments – but we have been able to exceed those ROI’s by investing in cash flow generating web properties. "